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A corded angle grinder gives you greater control than an electric drill. It operates at a lower cost than an air-powered grinder.

It can cut, grind, and polish surfaces more precisely than a hand file or bench grinder. An angle grinder has two main operating modes: grind and cut.

When cutting with a large angle grinder, the direction of the blade is essential.

To avoid kickback, cut in the direction of rotation whenever possible.

If you're right-handed, you can increase control by holding the tool in your left hand and grinding with your right hand. Grinding and cutting in reverse is also possible but requires additional caution to avoid injury because it's much more dangerous.

What is a Corded Angle Grinder?

An angle grinder is a common handheld power tool used to grind, sand, or cut various materials, such as stone, concrete, masonry, ceramic tile, and asphalt.

They are similar to bench grinders but smaller and handheld, often with a disc or a cylindrical abrasive wheel that rotates against a workpiece to perform various grinding, sanding, cutting, and polishing operations. They're also commonly used as a paint removal tool for stripping paint from wood.

Some angle grinders are tools equipped with interchangeable discs to achieve a broader range of cutting flexibility. Some angle grinders have replaceable cutting wheels, while others have built-in wheels.

An angle grinder can be fitted with different types of grinding wheels for grinding, cutting, and sanding operations.

Domestic Uses for a Corded Angle Grinder

- Tile and grout removal - Removing old tile and grout is dirty and messy. But when it comes to removing tile and grout, the right tool makes all the difference.

A corded angle grinder with a carbide-tipped grinding wheel can do the job more efficiently and quickly than a multi-tool.

Hold the grinder at an angle as you gently push it and the grinder along the grout line.

- Stripping paint - Paint and old varnish removal is messy and time-consuming. It would help if you had something more robust than hand sanding to remove old paint from wood.

Grinding paint with an angle grinder, with the correct disc attachment, can be faster and more efficient.

- Cutting and shaping wood - For woodworking, you need a wood-cutting disc designed for maximum safety and long life.

A grinder with a variable speed setting is essential to adjust the speed accordingly, especially when working with softwood.

Professional Uses for a Corded Angle Grinder

  • Cutting rebar, rods, or concrete - Wood and metal cutting discs are available for this purpose. If you are in construction, you would want to use metal cutting discs.
  • Grinding metal materials - Discs with metal grinding wheels are best for this cutting metal.
  • Cutting metal - Discs with metal cutting wheels are best for this task. - Polishing metal or tile - For polishing, you can use a disc with soft abrasive materials.

Key Things to Consider When Buying a Corded Angle Grinder

  • Cutting capacity - A grinder that can cut metal, for example, needs to be powerful enough to do the job efficiently. But a grinder designed for more gentle work, like wood sanding, can have a different level of power.
  • Number of discs - Some models of angle grinders come with one disc, and others come with multiple discs. If you have a lot of grinding, cutting, and sanding tasks to do, you may want a model with various discs, so you don't have to change discs as often.
  • Discs - Some discs are best for cutting metal. Some others are also best for grinding more delicate materials, such as tile. Other discs are made of a softer material, such as silicon carbide.
  • Variable speed settings - A grinder with varying speed settings allows you to adjust the speed depending on what material you are grinding. This feature is especially useful for grinding softer materials, such as tile.

How to Find the Right Corded Angle Grinder for You

  • Weight - A lighter-weight grinder is easier to use for extended periods but provides less power. A heavier grinder offers more power but may be difficult to use for long periods of time.
  • Power - Generally, the higher the tools' voltage, the more power you get. So look for a grinder that has a higher voltage between 10 and 18 volts.
  • Discs - If you do different types of grinding, cutting, and sanding, consider a grinder with multiple removable discs.
  • Price - The price of a grinder varies according to its features, power, and make-up. Generally, higher-priced grinders are more powerful and come with more discs.

Overall, an angle grinder is essential for many types of work, from wood to metal.

Whether it's the Makita corded angle grinder or the Bosch corded angle grinder, It's essential to choose the right model for your needs. When shopping for an angle grinder, you'll want to consider the grinder's weight, power, number of discs, and price.

A corded angle grinder provides greater control than an electric drill, operates at a lower cost than an air-powered grinder, and can cut, grind, and polish surfaces more precisely than a hand file or bench grinder.

We are partnered with some of the most well-known angle grinder manufacturers; Makita, DeWalt, Festool, Bosch, and many others. If you are looking for more than just Corded Angle Grinders, we also supply a whole range of Cordless and Corded Power Tools, can't find what you're looking for?

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