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There’s nothing like a good DIY project to bring some excitement, interesting ideas and even new skills into your life. However, these activities often come with their fair share of challenges and problems.

This is particularly true when it comes to home renovations, carpentry work or similar projects that involve significant amounts of fine dust and debris. These conditions make it very difficult for the average person to work in the space until the renovation is complete.

Avoiding creating a mess in the first place is obviously preferable, but that’s not always possible. In such cases, having the right tools can significantly reduce the risks involved in working onsite.

Even though many people think of dust extractor systems as an industrial tool or something similar, there are plenty of smaller versions that are perfect for home use too.

There are a few different designs that can vary slightly in terms of how they operate. However, most use a vacuum system to remove potentially harmful dust from the area. That means that the dust extractor has an inbuilt vacuum that can be connected to the work site.

The machine will suck up fine dust, debris, and other substances from the area, thus reducing the amount of dust that is created during the renovation.

A Cordless dust extractor can be used in almost work area or any type of renovation, including painting, installing flooring or even working with drywall. They are particularly useful in areas that are prone to producing large amounts of dust. This may include work with drywall, smoothing concrete with a sander or sanding wood.

Dust extractors are also designed to be connected to other tools, such as power tools, which makes them even more versatile. With the right dust extractor, you can perform almost any job with minimal risk to your health by removing dust and harmful fumes and a much lower clean-up cost at the end.

Keeping your workspace a safer environment is everyone's top priority, which is why here at AHC Powertools we partner with top brands to give our customers the best equipment out there! Our cordless vacuum and dust extractor range allows you to improve safety and protect your machinery. We stock equipment from trusted brands including customer favourites such as the Bosch dust extractor.

Workshop dust extractors and vacuums are an essential part of any workspace, especially when working with heavy machinery that produce a large amount of dust. Cordless dust extractors essentially do exactly what it says on the tin! This tool improves air quality and visibility, and even protects your machinery from any floating dust or shavings.

Keeping your space dust free improves health and safety, and there are cordless dust extractors in varying sizes to fit every workspace.

6 Problems That Dust Extractors Can Solve

  • Dust - This is a big problem that can be particularly problematic for people who suffer from allergies or asthma. It is also very bad for the environment, so removing dust as much as possible is a good idea for everyone.
  • Noise - Working with power tools and sanders is noisy. A cordless dust extractor can reduce the noise that you produce, which makes it more likely that people will let you work in peace.
  • Clean-up Costs - Clean-up costs can be significant after a renovation job is finished. Carpets, furniture, and other items that are close to the work site are particularly at risk.

A dust extractor can help you reduce the amount of dust and mess in the area and make clean-up much easier.

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