Cordless Impact Drivers


If you need to loosen and drive large screws quickly, then our cordless impact drivers are just what you’re looking for! Ideal for construction, especially laying decking or subfloors. Any projects that require you to drive hundreds of screws are perfect, and here at AHC Powertools we have the best impact drivers from the most trusted brands around.

Our top-rated impact drivers are a must have for speeding up construction projects, by using high impact rotational and linear blows. This means you can remove and drive massive amounts of screws far quicker than any other tools out there. 

We have a wide range to peruse, so make sure to check out the specifications to find your perfect fit! We carry a selection of brands, so if you need DeWalt cordless impact drivers or want to take a look at our Makita options, we’ve got what you need.

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