Known across trade industries as one of the best brands for providing fastening solutions. If you’ve found yourself wondering “what is the best nail gun on the market” then look no further than Paslode and their high-quality range of tools and accessories, that provide performance-improving tools for roofing, carpentry, and a wide variety of tasks.

Paslode began its journey as a tool manufacturer way back in 1935, and in the decades since has become the worlds leading manufacturer of timber to timber fastening solutions, in part thanks to their drive and dedication to innovative design. Just five years after they first began developing tools Paslode created the first-ever stapling hammer and by the 1980s they had introduced the impulse range that included the Paslode Nailer.

Whether you’re a professional carpenter, tradesperson or home DIY enthusiast, here at AHC we have the products you need to help you take on any job that requires lots of nails being driven into materials without any effort. The Paslode nail gun is a must-have bit of kit for any professional, and are a personal favourite of both us and our customers. The Paslode IM360Ci First Fix Lithium Gas Framing Nailer Kit has super quick charger capabilities, even when you’re on the move. Or if you want to get fully kitted out, the Paslode IM65 F16 Lithium-ion Brad Nailer 2nd Fix Nail Gun comes with two batteries.

We also offer a range of accessories that include Paslode Nails and Joist Hangers, as well as handy spare parts that are perfect for keeping your tools in great condition.

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