One of the most loved hand tool brands in the world, this brand has been offering professional tradespeople and home DIY experts an outstanding finish and unbeatable durability since 1843. Stanley hand tools have been giving the best of the best for 175 years, and they’re not stopping any time soon. 

Founded in New Britain Connecticut by Frederick Trent Stanley the global business we know today was originally operated as a bolt and door manufacturing company. It wasn’t until over ten years later in 1857 that Henry Stanley created the Stanley Rule and Level company. Stanley hammers were introduced to their line-up of hand tools in 1863, and by 1931 the brand made history with the first-ever steel tape rule. 

In the many years since Stanley first stepped onto the scene, its collection of hand tools has grown, but the excellent quality and reliability has stayed the same throughout the decades. Stanley hand tools are a must-have on-site and with Stanley hammers, Stanley tape measures and more on offer there’s plenty for every job site.

The Stanley Fatmax levels and tape measures are a go-to for professionals, and if you’ve been looking for durable brush sets for your hobby painting or for using on-site, then the Stanley brush sets are just what you need.

These hand tools are a fantastic addition to any toolbox, which they also offer, and offer a great finish with every use. 

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